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Next-generation wealth managers turn to ALPIMA to bypass out-of-date tools and manual processes to ensure strong growth across all wealth tiers.

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See how ALPIMA helps Wealth Managers deliver personalised solutions for their clients

The Problem

As a wealth manager, you’re competing in a saturated market where fees are heavily scrutinised and robo-advisors challenge your expertise.

Clients want bespoke investment solutions that reflect their individual needs and build trust in your care and knowledge. However, out-of-date tools and manual processes inhibit your ability to provide personalised solutions with conviction and efficiency. 

The Solution

ALPIMA’s leading portfolio construction platform equips you with essential tools to deliver personalised reporting and portfolio construction to build client trust and maximise results.

Our product suite allows you to assess performance and risk in near real time, merging personalisation with efficiency. Personalisation ensures all solutions are executed with conviction across the wealth spectrum, and while meeting client needs.

We are pleased to work with ALPIMA. Their ground-breaking platform offers the adaptability and agility we need to serve our clients in the competitive, fast-changing landscape we operate in.

Evie Kostakis, Deputy CFO, Julius Bär

Use ALPIMA's powerful suite of analytics tools to understand risk and performance drivers within your client’s portfolio.

How it works:
Import Spreadsheets And Financial Data
Personalise Assets
Optimise Risk Factors

Identify new investment opportunities with our low-code quant Notebooks tool and understand the impact of every decision.

How it works:
Code New Strategy
Share With Other Stakeholders And Clients
Approve And Deploy
Key Features
Notebooks Hub
Arrow Up

Create efficiencies and productivity opportunities for your teams. With ALPIMA, everyone can access and contribute to investment strategies.

How it works:
Integrate Existing Infrastructure
Manage Investment Strategies
Measure Impact and Productivity

Questions about ALPIMA's Portfolio Construction Platform and how it can help Investment Managers? 

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