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QIS teams turn to ALPIMA to ensure accurate and efficient portfolio construction. Utilise real time data integration, the flexibility of Notebooks for complete customisation and our comprehensive visualisation suite to communicate your winning strategies.

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See how ALPIMA helps Asset Managers deliver personalised solutions for their clients

The Problem

As a QIS team member, you’re stretched to your limit as you work to construct, manage, and sell asset management strategies.

You need powerful, flexible computation at your fingertips to help you manage disparate data sources and meet governance and oversight requirements.

The Solution

With ALPIMA, QIS teams can rapidly build strategies of arbitrary complexity, then compare and contrast them against internal and competitors’ strategies.

Both Sales and end investors gain the ability to see how each strategy impacts investor portfolio risks and returns. The modular nature of ALPIMA means functionalities can be accessed separately or all together. For example, Sales may leverage a single module for visualisation.

ALPIMA’s modular platform offers the flexibility and power required to create differentiated investment strategies and provide the service we want to offer our clients in this competitive and fast-moving market.

Pablo Suarez, Head of QIS Business, BBVA

With ALPIMA, streamline activity by linking to any in-house system and closely coordinate efforts with Structures and Sales.

How it works:
Import Spreadsheets And Financial Data
Personalised Investment Strategies 
Customise Asset Allocations 

With ALPIMA, develop any strategy you can imagine.

How it works:
Code New Strategy And Share With Other Stakeholders And Clients
Approve And Deploy
Integrate Existing Infrastructure

Sell and market your strategies more easily by empowering your clients to perform their own analysis using ALPIMA Visualiser.

How it works:
Select And Position Portfolios To Clients
Present To Clients On An Interactive Screen
Make And Analyse Potential Investment Changes In Real Time

Questions about ALPIMA's Portfolio Construction Platform and how it can help Investment Managers? 

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