Edoardo Fenati

Head of Backend
Edoardo is one of the key members at ALPIMA with significant experience in delivering complex financial technology solutions to high-profile clients.

Edoardo joined ALPIMA in September 2016 during the early stages of the company. He is responsible for the ALPIMA backend and leads the API team.

During his time at ALPIMA, Edoardo has worked across the entire technology stack (Frontend/Backend/Quant), and has been involved in the development of ALPIMA's flagship offerings. After spending the last year optimising our stack, he was promoted to Head of Backend.

Prior to ALPIMA he graduated in Mathematics at Imperial College London with a focus on Algebraic Geometry. Whilst at university, he had his first contact with the Fintech sector thanks to a few internships at some very successful startups.

Edoardo lives in London with his wife and enjoys sporting activities, particularly cycling and running. He also spends his time cultivating his interests in philosophy, history and literature.