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Your imagination is the limit.

Bring R&D closer to execution

ALPIMA Notebooks is a fully managed service that provides quant and development teams with the ability to build, develop, back-test, analyse and implement high-quality investment strategies - faster and better.  

Imagine. Code. See.

Unleash the power of ALPIMA’s quant capabilities. If you know what you want to do, and the data required is available, it can be done with ALPIMA Notebooks.

Code your strategy and own analytics using ALPIMA Tau, our intuitive investment language for Python.

Display the results of your work in your Notebook or on ALPIMA Visualiser’s dynamic dashboards.

One integrated, turn-key solution

For running and managing your Notebooks on the cloud.

Execute code from your browser, with the results of your computations attached to the code which generated them.

Build faster, collaborate better

Manage your work and IP in one central place accessed by you and your development teams.

ALPIMA Notebooks can be shared between team members and implemented quickly.

Boost your implementation cycle speed by an order of magnitude or two. Time is too precious for you to use slow technology. 

Customised for you and your team

ALPIMA Notebooks is a customised environment for Python, R, Tensorflow developers, quants and data scientists.

Use our growing stack, or build on top of it as you see fit.

Leverage ready-made Notebooks, ensure your work is all backed up with version source control. Share your work and files with your colleagues easily.

Hands-free setup, simple to use

ALPIMA Notebooks removes the heavy weightlifting of managing a Notebook server, or dealing with different development environments, making it much easier to develop state-of-the-art investment strategies.

Get set-up within minutes and get started. Use an admin dashboard to manage your users' access.

We take care of software updates and releases.

More users? No problem. We will scale up the notebook nodes in your cluster with a click.

Share and Deploy

Share your work with colleagues and clients as you see fit and deploy when ready. Investment strategies can be instantly productionised onto ALPIMA’s dashboards.

Likewise, go to production when ready with your new metrics, indicators and other ideas.

Boost your strategy design and analytics capabilities with ALPIMA Notebooks

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