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Grateful to be quoted in this article from PENSIONS Age on robo-advice and systematic investing by Talya Misiri.

“Let’s start with the well-documented fact that most human beings, even if rational most of the time, are subject to a number of judgement biases, ranging from risk aversion to over-reliance on recent historical data. Khaneman & Tversky and many others have researched and documented this brilliantly in recent decades. So one could argue that, when well used, systematic investing can help reduce risks to an extent by protecting human beings from themselves, removing emotions from the decision process and sticking to rigorous quantitative metrics to allocate and invest,”
“The holy grail in our view is a thoughtful human and machine approach that offers true personalisation flexibly, transparently and at a reasonable cost"

European Pensions - October issue - Robo-advisory (002).pdf

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