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Morgan Stanley + Oliver Wyman report on Wealth and Asset Managers


This excellent report by Morgan Stanley + Oliver Wyman on Wealth and Asset Managers struck a chord with us.

“Wealth and asset managers face a common set of challenges and opportunities driven by the macroeconomic environment, shifts in client demand, and the continued evolution of technology to deliver improved investment and advisory solutions."

For wealth managers, the shift to providing more holistic financial advice and planning requires them to move beyond constructing standardized portfolios, to greater customization that utilises a broader array of product types and technology to deliver it to lower wealth bands. For ultra high net worth (UHNW) and high net worth (HNW) investors we see private markets and ESG as the largest opportunity.

For asset managers, the opportunity is in delivering differentiated, in-demand products, increasingly into the retail channel, which offers better economics than institutional and represents an increasing share of total industry assets under management (AUM).

“[…] customization will require a combination of greater control of portfolio construction and proximity to clients’ specific needs and requirements. This will require wealth managers to be closer to product manufacturing and asset managers to client distribution.”

We could not agree more. The ALPIMA platform was purpose-built to meet these very requirements using cutting-edge technology.

Contact us at to find out how ALPIMA helps leading Wealth and Asset Managers worldwide increase client centricity and deliver personalisation at scale.

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