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ETFs extends lead on the $3tn hedge fund market : FT Weekend


FT Weekend article about the growth of the low cost, strong performing ETF market - at the expense of the Hedge Fund industry.

"John 'Jack' Bogle, the legendary investor [and Vanguard founder], has predicted that the level of money in the hedge funds will never again surpass the size of the exchange traded fund industry, which witnessed its 35th month of consecutive inflows in December."

"Amin Rajan, chief executive of Create Research, the consultancy, said: 'Over the rest of this decade, the trend towards ETFs will remain as immutable as the momentum of a super tanker, irrespective of the fortunes of hedge funds." (FT Ltd, 2017).

From our perspective, as the data mounts, it is clear to see the trend towards lower fees and more transparency is not transitory. It is secular and irreversible.

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