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​Economist, "The rise of the financial machines"


The Economist recently published an article about the importance of technology in the management of longer-term investments, entitled “Master of the Universe: The rise of the financial machines”.

“In the past decade computers have graduated to running portfolios. Exchange-traded funds (etfs) and mutual funds automatically track indices of shares and bonds. Last month these vehicles had $4.3trn invested in American equities, exceeding the sums actively run by humans for the first time.”

“As our Briefing reports, the latest revolution is in full swing. Machines are taking control of investing—not just the humdrum buying and selling of securities, but also the commanding heights of monitoring the economy and allocating capital.”

Apart from the most dedicated and sophisticated participants, many Asset and Wealth Managers are struggling to respond to this deep transformation affecting their industry. ALPIMA exists to equip and enable the industry to address this challenge.

How to take part?

Building an internal solution requires expensive expertise, wholly dedicated to the task over multiple years. It may supply a solution eventually, but it will be in competition with existing platforms that have and will continue to progress.

Enquire with ALPIMA, who has built a powerful, enterprise-grade, end-to-end platform for product design, portfolio construction and sales that integrates with legacy systems. It is designed to empower companies with the latest in investment technology, a true Human + Machine solution. It is the front-office platform for evidence-based investing.

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